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Reasons for cracking of coil grout(daub)

March 04, 2023

Gongyi Hongda Furnace Charge Co., Ltd.

Improper use of intermediate frequency induction furnace coil groutdaub may lead to cracking. Cracking includes: cracks after construction, and cracks on the surface after one year of use.

Therefore, construction is also very important:

1. Due to the short initial hardening time, it is not advisable to mix too much each time. Pour one pack of materials into the container each time. If it is a partial renovation, pour out an appropriate amount, and add a certain amount of clean tap water , Mix it by hand or machine until it has a certain viscosity and then put it into use.

2. When the new furnace body is overhauled, the gap between the turns of the coil should be tightly packed with the mixed cement from bottom to top, and then a layer of about 6mm should be applied to the inner wall of the inductor. After it solidifies, another layer should be applied. About 4mm, and finally apply a layer of smooth layer. For the furnace body with ejection mechanism, the bottom thickness is 15-20mm, and the upper part is 8-10mm, forming a conical surface to facilitate the pushing out of the old furnace lining.

3. During the use of the coil groutdaub, when the furnace lining is removed, if it is found that some parts are damaged due to external factors, it should be repaired and smeared in time