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1260 ceramic fiber modules aluminum silicate ceramic module

March 02, 2023

The ceramic fiber module is a new type of refractory lining product launched to simplify and speed up the construction of the kiln and improve the integrity of the lining. The product is white in color and regular in size. It can be directly fixed on the steel plate anchoring nails of the industrial kiln shell. It has good refractory and heat insulation effect, improves the integrity of kiln refractory and heat insulation, and promotes the progress of kiln masonry technology.

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Typical Applications of ceramic fiber module

Ceramic industry: tunnel kiln, shuttle kiln, roller kiln
Petrochemical industry: atmospheric furnace, reformer, coking furnace, cracking furnace, heating furnace, flue, etc.

Steel industry: ladle cover, heating furnace, annealing furnace, bell furnace, walking furnace, hot air duct and pipeline, etc.
Environmental protection and energy saving industry: waste incinerator, RTO waste gas treatment furnace, SCR environmental protection catalytic furnace, etc.

Gongyi Hongda Furnace Charge Co., Ltd.