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Method of making ceramic fibreboard

May 21, 2020

        Ceramic fiber board is aluminum silicate fiber board, a refractory material.Even after heating also maintain good mechanical strength, the use of jet fiber (fiber short, thin, easy to break and mix) as the raw material of ceramic fiber board, add a certain proportion of binder, filler class auxiliary agent, after the beating machine, fully dispersed into pulp in the slurry pool.Pump into the forming tank and stir with compressed air.

                                                                            Ceramic fibre board

       The mold is put into the forming tank, and the fiber pulp is adsorbed on the mold by using the principle of vacuum extraction.Accurately control the adsorption time, vacuum dehydrate the fiber wet material, demold it, put it in the tray and send it to the dryer to dry for 10-24 hours.After drying the fiberboard through the special grinding machine, cutting machine, precise control size.