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Molten Aluminum Furnace Door Refractory Castable Damage Analysis

May 20, 2020

       Melting aluminum  reverberatory furnace door is at furnace to join aluminum and aluminum alloy long-term in aluminum  ingots and the impact and wear of mechanical equipment so the refractory is especially important hereAccording to our company melting aluminum furnace refractory castable experience ,damage principle has the following several:

                                                                  aluminum melting reverberatory furnace

1the temperature at the lower part of the furnace is generally below 400-500℃,and its damage is mainly caused by mechanical impact of charging and wear of aluminum  ingots.

2the upper part of the furnace mouth is mainly caused by the change of temperature when chargingand the thermal shock damage caused by the alternation of hot and cold.

3mechanical impact on both sides of the furnace mouthand the temperature rise and fall caused by the damage。

4at the slope of the furnace mouth melting pool refractory castablethe impact wear of aluminum  ingots and waste aluminum  is mainly added and the aluminum liquid is slightly scoured.