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Thermal shock resistance of high aluminum firebrick

December 12, 2020

High alumina firebrick are made by forming and calcination of bauxite or other raw materials with high alumina content. One of the important working properties is the structural strength at high temperature.It increases with temperature, but there's another important property, which is thermal shock resistance.I don't know how much you know, let's understand it together.

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Thermal shock resistance of high aluminum firebrick refers to the ability of firebrick to withstand rapid temperature changes without being destroyed.In the working environment of CWS gasifier, the service life of high alumina firebrick is reduced due to high operating temperature, and the viscosity-temperature characteristics of coal ash are changed by high temperature or significantly.Generally speaking, the higher the temperature is, the lower the viscosity is, the better the fluidity is, the more serious the erosion and infiltration are, the higher the erosion rate is, and the shorter the service life of the brick is.So temperature control is very important.