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analysis of acid and basic ramming mass

October 20, 2020

        Acid ramming mass is made of quartz sand by dry ramming, with high purity quartz and fused quartz as main raw masss and composite additive as sintering agent. basic ramming mass is made of high-purity fused corundum, high-purity fused magnesia and high-purity spinel as main raw masss, and composite additive as sintering agent.

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Silicon ramming mass is acid ramming mass, raw mass is mainly quartz sand, it is cheap, good insulation, low construction requirements, use defects less, more stable production, but quartz sand refractories is low, for casting large medium frequency furnace can not meet the requirements.

The magnesite ramming mass has high refractory temperature, good volume stability at high temperature, good erosion resistance, abrasion resistance, thermal shock resistance and high softening temperature under load.Can be used as repair masss, such as open hearth furnace bottom repair, converter ramming mass repair, can also make steel filling mass.