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Causes of damage to high aluminium refractory bricks

December 18, 2020

Chemical erosion is one of the major causes of high-temperature damage of high aluminum refractory bricks. What are the five major causes of high aluminum refractory bricks being eroded during use?

1. Chemical composition and properties.General requirements: refractory purity should be high, impurities should be less, especially to strictly control the content of harmful components.

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2. Mineral composition and fibrous structure.When the content of crystalline phase in the material is higher, the content of crystalline phase in the matrix is higher, the melting point of crystalline mineral in the matrix is higher, the amount of liquid phase at high temperature is less, the viscosity is larger and the state of dispersion is larger, then the material tends to show good resistance to chemical erosion.

3. Stomata and stomatal ratio.The vent is a shortcut for erosion to penetrate into the material and can significantly increase the contact area between erosion and material.

4. Viscosity of erosion.When the viscosity of the gaseous or liquid erosions is small, the contact with the surface of the firebrick will be significantly increased, even wrapping the material, making the erosions easy to penetrate and diffuse into the interior of the material.

5. Temperature.At higher temperature, the chemical erosion resistance of refractory bricks will be reduced.

The experimental method of chemical erosion resistance of high aluminum refractory bricks is generally set in the form of slag or solution erosion of high aluminum refractory bricks. Our company is a professional manufacturer of high aluminum refractory bricks, welcome to consult and cooperate.