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Causes and solutions of crack in high aluminium brick

December 21, 2020

In the process of using the products, individual high aluminum bricks may crack. In order to avoid such a situation without affecting the normal use of the products, we need to understand the reasons and solutions:

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High aluminum brick is necessary to reduce the probability of crack occurrence and improve the pass rate of high aluminum brick by adjusting and improving the factors causing crack in the process of production.

The first consideration should be given to the problem of raw materials: the main raw materials for the production of high alumina bricks are aluminate: the impurities of clinker (especially K20 and Na2O) and the degree of sintering will lead to cracks on the surface of the products.

The clinker with bad sintering will continue to shrink and not evenly during the sintering process, which will lead to cracking and crack of | products.

Improvement measures: The main mineral composition of high alumina brick is mullite, corundum and glass. With the increase of the content of AL203 in the product, the number of mullite and corundum phases also increases, and the glass decreases correspondingly.The fire resistance and high temperature performance of the products are improved accordingly.In the actual production process must pay attention to the high bauxite clinker impurity content control, as far as possible uses the impurity content low with the sintering degree good raw material to produce.