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Causes of quality deterioration of refractory castables

December 28, 2020

The quality of refractory castable relates to the quality of construction projects, as castable manufacturers, sometimes often hear customers complain that the construction quality of castable does not meet expectations, castable quality is not good and so on the sound.In fact, almost all the reasons for the deterioration of castable quality are the lack of correct preservation methods or construction methods.So what are the reasons for the decline of refractory castable quality?

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1, regarding the quality of refractory castable construction, there are four key points that need to be paid attention to: anchorage parts planning and construction quality, water content of castable during construction, site temperature during construction, late maintenance and baking of refractory castable.

2. In the process of adding water to the mixing castable, the amount of water added is very important.

3, castable quality is another important factor is temperature.A short time of sudden change in temperature will soon make the castable damaged, and then lead to a serious quality decline even before the use of the phenomenon of falling off.

4, cement dosage, cement is an important material to determine the strength of refractory castable, generally speaking, with the increase of cement dosage, room temperature compressive strength increases, high temperature strength decreases, refractoriness and softening temperature under load decreases, the shrinkage rate after firing line also increases.