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How to solve the problem of corundum castable falling off?

December 25, 2020

If the castable is found to fall off during construction, a solution shall be developed according to the size of the shedding area. If the shedding area is not large, the use of ramming materials or plastic repair can be. If it is a large area of shedding, it is necessary to knock off the shedding part first, so that all loose pouring materials around are knocked off, and then re-construction.

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For lining parts with serious wear, proper castable should be selected in advance. In general, corundum castable with good thermal shock resistance should be selected for lining parts with serious wear. Because corundum castable has high wear resistance and long service life. But regardless of the choice of any material materials, it is important to pay attention to the construction details of the site, strictly control the amount of water added, if not according to the correct construction process, then good castable, performance can not reach the expected service life.

Construction is the key to the service life of corundum castable, and so is oven. Only when any kind of corundum castable is constructed in a correct way and the oven time and temperature are strictly controlled can the castable produce a better effect.