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Construction link of refractory castable

January 07, 2023

The construction of refractory castables consists of three links, namely mixing of refractory castables, refractory castable construction and pouring maintenance of refractory castable.

refractory castable

1. Mixing of refractory castables: Compulsory mixer or mortar mixer must be used for mixing, and manual mixing is not allowed.

Judgment method of moisture content: In order to judge whether the moisture content of the mixing refractory castable is suitable, a simple "hand kneading into balls" method can be used for testing: if the pellets are deformed and flow out from the seams of the hands, it means that the water content is too much: if If the pellets are cracked and scattered, it means that the water content is too little.

Mixing water consumption: take the water consumption given in the instruction manual of this batch of refractory castable as the standard, strictly control the water consumption, and measure it accurately.

2. Refractory castable construction

Pouring: Pour the mixed refractory castable into the mold, and insert the vibrating rod in time to vibrate. The vibrating should be even. When the surface of the refractory castable is in a flowing state, move the vibrating rod at a moving speed of 1-2 m/min. . Be slow when pulling out the vibrator.

3. Pouring maintenance of refractory castable

Tools: polyethylene plastic film, straw bags, etc.

Ambient temperature requirements and control: The curing temperature of the refractory castable casting body is preferably between 15-35°C. If it exceeds this temperature range, corresponding measures to increase or decrease the temperature should be taken, otherwise the performance of the product will be reduced.