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What are the reasons for the quality decline of refractory castables?

January 15, 2021

The quality of refractory castable is related to the quality of the construction project. As castable manufacturer, sometimes we often hear customers complain that the construction quality of castable does not meet the expectation, and the quality of castable is not good.So what are the reasons for the decline in refractory castable quality?

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1. Regarding the construction quality of refractory castables, we should pay attention to four key points: planning and construction quality of anchors, water content of castables during construction, site temperature during construction, post-maintenance and baking of refractory castables.

2. In the process of adding water to the mixing castables, the amount of water is crucial.

3, castable quality is another important factor is the temperature.Short-term sudden change in temperature will make castable damage quickly, and then lead to serious quality decline or even fall off before use.

4, cement dosage, cement is an important material to determine the strength of refractory castable. Generally speaking, with the increase of cement dosage, the normal temperature compressive strength increases, the high temperature strength decreases, the refractoriness and the softening temperature under load decreases continuously, and the shrinkage rate of the burning line also increases.