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How to choose clay firebrick

December 03, 2020

The raw material of clay firebrick is fire-resistant clay. The main mineral composition of clay firebrick is kaolinite, with a small amount of quartz, pyrite, rutile, waxite and organic matters and other impurities.Clay brick is one of the firebricks commonly used in industrial kilns. The fireproof degree of the brick is between 1580~1770.When customers buy clay firebricks, how to select high-quality products, specific reference can be made to the following eight indicators:

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1. Chemical composition: the primary composition of the product determines the quality and characteristics of the refractory.

2, volume density: unit volume component, high density, good elaboration, strength may be high, but the thermal conductivity may be high.

3. Sensible porosity: although there is no strict requirement on the sensible porosity, every manufacturer must strictly control the sensible porosity.

4. Softening temperature under load: also known as high temperature initial deformation temperature under load.

5, thermal shock resistance: resistance to sharp changes in temperature without being damaged.

6. Compressive strength: accept the maximum pressure at room temperature.

7. Flexural strength: accepts shear pressure.

8. Linear change rate: also known as reburning line change or residual line change, refers to the change condition at equal temperature each time.