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Steel fiber castable for industrial boilers

December 05, 2020

Steel fiber castable is made of super grade bauxite clinker as aggregate, high quality bauxite clinker and corundum fine powder as matrix, superfine powder and other composite materials as binder and additive, plus stainless steel heat-resistant fiber.

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Due to the addition of steel fiber, the overall strength of the furnace wall is greatly enhanced after pouring the material. In the boiler, it is often used in the furnace outlet and the side wall, the top, the straight section of cyclone separator, the top of cyclone separator, the return feeder and other parts.

Steel fiber castable in the boiler and furnace exit, top, side wall and other places used, in the steel, metallurgy, chemical industry and building materials industry is widely used, because of the particularity of the use of unshaped castable position, so according to the different site conditions, for castable construction quality also needs to be guaranteed.