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Introduction to silicon carbide castable

May 23, 2020

         Silicon Carbide castable is made of sintered or electric furnace corundum, black carborundum as aggregate, sintered or electric fused corundum powder, silicon  Carbide powder as matrix, and bonded with pure calcium aluminate cement, or bonded clay with coagulant, or acid aluminum phosphate with coagulant.

                                                                                      silicon carbide castable

         The advantage of sic refractory castable is that it has high heat conduction, low thermal expansion, and no reaction with slag. It has been used for slag reaction and high temperature flaking in kiln parts since a very early time.The disadvantage is that due to the poor solubility of silicon carbide refractory castable, in the water system such as castable shaped refractory material, sometimes the poor fluidity, resulting in the reduction of the density of silicon carbide refractory castable.

        Silicon carbide castable is usually used as the lining of molten metal or slag fluxes and vessels, such as the iron flume flume of cupola, the lining of iron water tank, the lining of steel outlet tank, etc., and also can be used as the lining of high-temperature wear-resistant lining, such as the lining of high-temperature cyclone separator.