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Matters needing attention in the knotting process of intermediate frequency charge

September 12, 2020

        The ramming process of intermediate frequency furnace charge is a complicated process, among which the knotting process is a very important link, which can affect the service life of furnace.So, what should we pay attention to in the process of knotting, in order to ensure that it does not affect the service life of  intermediate frequency charge?

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        1, the basic of course is the standard operation process, before tying the knot in order to ensure that the power supply and water supply system is perfect, but also in advance through each project above the staff to make preparations in advance.

        2, medium frequency furnace ramming material in the process of adding sand is a more strict requirements of the process, such as sand must be secondary to add enough, do not add by all means, of course, add sand to ensure that the tile at the bottom of the furnace, can not pile up, otherwise it will cause sand particle size separation.

        3, in the time to knot in accordance with the first shake after vibration to operate.And to pay attention to the technique, to ensure that the process of operation should be light after heavy.And the joystick should be pushed to the bottom again, and each time the joystick is inserted, it should be shaken eight or ten times.

        4. After the bottom of the furnace is finished, neevil shall be guaranteed to be put into the dry pot smoothly.In order to ensure that the forming comparison standard, the general will have a standard ring triangulation.