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What are the advantages of steel fiber refractory castable

September 12, 2020

Steel fiber refractory castable is a hydraulic refractory castable made by adding binder, heat-resistant stainless steel fiber and admixture with high alumina clinker or brown corundum as aggregate and powder. Steel fiber refractory castable has the characteristics of high strength, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, thermal shock resistance, good wear resistance and so on. The details are as follows:

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(1) It can inhibit the shrinkage of castable during curing, baking and high-temperature use;

(2) Improve the toughness, impact resistance and mechanical strength of the castable;

(3) Improve the thermal shock resistance of castable;

(4) To prevent the microcracks generated in the castable from expanding or extending under the action of thermal and mechanical stresses, resulting in fracture or spalling.