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Precautions for the use of bricklaying refractory mortar(mud)

April 01, 2023

In the use of refractory mortar(mud), there are often problems such as insufficient joint mortar, low bonding strength, or even failure to stick. In order to avoid such problems, the following measures should be taken before masonry:

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1. First check whether the material of the masonry and the refractory mortar are consistent. The material of the refractory mortar must be consistent with that of the masonry, so that the two can form a whole during use and achieve the purpose of improving the service life of the masonry.

2. Secondly, check the binder, whether to stir it with water, or use it with water glass, resin and other binders.

3. Finally, check the bonding effect. If the masonry is large, auxiliary tools such as jacks must be used. The purpose is to ensure that the mortar joints are full and the bonding will be firm, and avoid shrinkage and cracking problems during use.

Gongyi Hongda Furnace Charge Co., Ltd.