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Provide the ramming material retention period

January 04, 2021

Ramming material is a kind of semi-dry, ramming way to shape the bulk refractory, usually made of high aluminum particles and fine powder according to a certain level and add an appropriate amount of binder. Its characteristic is the fluidity is very poor, when molding must with the force to pound can obtain the structure of the argument. This kind of bulk material can be used to build the whole lining of industrial furnace and is a widely used refractory material.

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Phosphoric acid or aluminum sulfate is usually used as a binder for ramming material. When phosphoric acid is selected as the binder, in the storage process, due to the reaction between phosphoric acid and the activated alumina material in the ramming material, the formation of insoluble aluminum orthophosphate precipitation and condensation and transformation, loss of plasticity and difficult to construct. Therefore, to extend the storage life of the ramming material? Appropriate preservatives must be added to prevent or delay setting and hardening. Oxalic acid is usually used as a preservative.