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How to handle firebrick "frosting"

January 06, 2021

As the firebrick gradually absorbs and dries, it brings the soluble salt content inside the product to the surface of the product, creating a phenomenon commonly known as "whitening" or "panting", or bleaching.Sintered brick.In order to ensure the construction quality of each construction unit, how to deal with the problem of firebrick frosting?

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I. Prevention of frost on firebrick:

Anything that reduces the concentration of calcium hydroxide in cement products should reduce the degree of frost.Fly ash as a mixed material has a definite function.Some antifreeze agents are also effective.You can brush walls with a low concentration of oxalic acid.If frost is found on firebricks, treatment should be carried out promptly.

Ii. Treatment of frost phenomena:

Flush the frosted refractory brick with water once a day and it will return to normal after a period of time without further treatment.