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Use technology of electric furnace bottom ramming material

November 28, 2020

The age of electric furnace is a restrictive link to improve equipment operation quality and reduce cost.According to the situation of steelmaking plant itself, finding the most suitable and economical furnace age can reduce the consumption of refractory materials to a certain extent.At the same time, also improved the furnace age.In order to achieve this goal, magnesium electric furnace ramming material is widely used in electric furnace.

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The electric furnace ramming material is made of high-purity lightly burned Magnesiumized dolomite powder and high-purity lightly burned magnesia powder as the main raw materials, with an appropriate amount of sintering agent, after fine grinding and high-pressure pelletizing, calcined in a high-temperature rotary kiln, and then through crushing, sieving, particle size grading and mixing.

1) Layer knotting, each layer with a thickness of 120mm ~ 150mm, and the last layer with a thickness of 100mm.

2) Put the ramming material on the uniform auxiliary layer of the permanent lining, and use pneumatic pick or electric vibrator to repeatedly ramming from the periphery to the center to the specified thickness.In order to prevent ash can be used in rubber sheet, sacks or canvas cover on the material to pound.The knotting quality shall be tested by 4mm steel rods (4mm) prepared in advance, which shall be pressed with a pressure equivalent to 0.1mpa, and the inserted depth shall not exceed 30mm.

3) The spherical part of the furnace slope knotted thickness is half of the total thickness, divided into two layers of knotted.

4) The ramming of the furnace slope shall use a matching template, which shall be knotted in two sections.

5) The bottom and slope of the furnace shall be completely covered with 4mm-5mm steel plate after ramming.