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use of basic ramming mass in induction furnace

November 25, 2020

Induction furnace alkaline ramming mass directly affects the service life of the furnace, therefore, induction furnace in the use of the operation in addition to the process requirements, also must pay attention to the following points:

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(1) Before tying the knot, inform the electricity, pliers, plumber to carry out a comprehensive inspection.

(2) Participants in the furnace are not allowed to take anything.

(3) In the bricklaying parts of the furnace bottom and furnace mouth, the brickwork joints shall be less than 1mm and shall be strictly staggered.

(4) Add alkaline ramming mass, should be as low as possible, and evenly spread smooth, size and particle size separation.

(5) The bottom of the furnace to add enough sand, do not add in several times.

(6) The method of "first shake and then shake" is adopted when tying the knot, and the order is first edge and then center.

(7) When tying the furnace wall, take the method of continuous tying.

(8) In order to avoid falling into sundries during the knotting process, a small scaffolding should be built before tying the knot.

(9) The mouth and mouth of the furnace shall be made solid with small hammers and scraped flat with a scraper. The chamfered Angle near the inside of the crucible shall be approximately equal to 45.

(10) Well-knotted furnace should be uniform wall squatting, no segregation, upper and lower layer smell sealing, no stratification phenomenon, with a large volume density, and uniform lining of all parts.