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What is the light weight castable´╝č

May 20, 2020

       The light weight castable is made of aluminate cement, high aluminum fine material, ceramsite, and several additives. The product is light in volume and high in compressive strength to prevent acid gas corrosion.Thermal insulation, heat preservation, low water absorption, simple construction.

                                                                                                   light weight castable

       The light weight castable is a high temperature corrosion resistant parts of the construction of excellent products.Good workability, adhesive power is strong, the initial setting time and construction operation time is long, fast growth strength, permeability resistance is strong, do not need to acidification treatment, easy to ensure the masonry mortar joint of dense full.

       The light weight castable can significantly increase the tightness of chimney lining wall, integrity and lined with corrosion resistant ability, high chimney, and the high temperature flue duct lining of well cementing material, also can be used in petroleum, chemical industry, nonferrous metallurgy, etc.Acid-proof brick, light weight castable and  are special refractory materials developed by our factory, light weight castables  are suitable for thermal insulation of power station boiler chimney and hot net pipe.