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low cement castable has strong earthquake resistance in cement kiln

May 20, 2020

       Hongda low cement castable is mainly used in cement kilns. The low cement castable is mainly made of bauxite, and the cement content of high performance calcium aluminate is only 2 ~ 6%.Main production ingredients: brown steel jade 15-24, silicon carbide 6-15, coke 20, white mud 12-16, tar 18-20.The low content of calcium oxide can reduce the low eutectic phase, and improve the refractoriness and high temperature strength.And slag resistance, plays a very important role in the cement kiln.

                                                                                   Low cement castable

       After natural drying for 24h and demoulding, the low cement castable was dried for 24h at 110 ° c and heat-treated for 3h at 300 ° c, 500 ° c, 700 ° c, 900 ° c, 1100 ° c, 1300 ° c and 1500 ° c, respectively.The volume density (B.D), linear rate of change (P.L.C), bending strength (M.O.R), compressive strength (C.C.S), wear resistance at room temperature, thermal expansion coefficient and thermal shock resistance of the samples were tested after heat treatment at various temperatures.The results show that with the increase of heat treatment temperature, the volume density of low cement castable in cement kiln decreases first, then remains unchanged and then increases.The linear rate of change showed the change rule that the contraction first increased and then decreased and then increased.The bending strength and compressive strength at room temperature increased first, then decreased and then increased.The wear of low cement castable after heat treatment at 1500℃ is less than that after heat treatment at 1300℃.

      Therefore, it is concluded that the use of low cement castable in cement kiln has strong seismic resistance.The qualified rate of cement kiln construction increased by 2%, and the punctuality rate also increased by about 6%. What is important is that the service life of cement kiln has been improved for a long time, which fully reduces the cost of secondary construction of cement kiln.