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What is the plastic refractory ?

May 29, 2020

         Plastic  refractory is made up of granular and powdery materials and plastic clay, such as the combination of agents and plasticizers, and then add a small amount of water, after full mixing of a hard mud paste and maintain a high plasticity in a long time in the shape of the unshaped refractory.

                                                                                     plastic refractory

        Plastic  refractory main components of plastic are granular and powdery materials, accounting for 70%~85% of the total.It can be made of various refractory materials, and is often classified and named according to the material.Because this kind of unshaped refractory is mainly used in various heating furnaces which are not in direct contact with the melting material, generally more clay clinker and high aluminum clinker are used, and the preparation of lightweight plastic is usually made of lightweight granular material.

        In the process of using the general requirements of plastic refractory should have a high plasticity, and after a long time storage, still have a certain plasticity.