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castable refractory curing time

August 13, 2020

       In generally, the curing time of  castable refractory is uncertain, which is mainly determined by the external construction environmental conditions plus the correct construction methods. Therefore, if the castable has a good maintenance work, coupled with the correct construction methods, it can also be cured normally even in the harsh environment.


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       The curing time of refractory castables is uncertain. Usually, the mixed castable is first poured into the prepared mould and cured after casting is completed. For reason of refractory castables will generate a lot of heat during curing, which will cause the phenomenon of hot condensation. So it is necessary to control it to avoid excessive evaporation of water and affect the solidification.

       The initial curing time of refractory castables shall not be less than 40 minutes and the curing time shall not exceed 8 hours. Refractory castable has certain requirements on the construction environment, usually at about 30 and not less than 4. In general, when the construction of refractory castable in winter, must to according to the construction technical requirements. Some measures need to be done at low temperature. The curing time of the casting is also the key to the performance of the castable refractory . If the curing time is too long, or the strength of the casting is insufficient, it cannot be used as kiln lining.

     Therefore, it is necessary to prejudge the environment before construction and take effective measures to ensure that the curing time in a proper way.