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about refractories castables

November 17, 2020

refractories castables is a kind of granular and powdery material made of refractory material, which is composed of a certain amount of binder and water.It has high fluidity, suitable for casting method construction, and no heating can harden the amorphous refractory.Generally in the use of the site by casting, vibration or tamping method casting molding, but also can be made into prefabricated used.

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Before the construction of refractories castables, the following contents shall be strictly checked:

1) Inspect the appearance and cleanliness of the equipment to be poured.

2) Check the good condition of construction machines and tools, vibration tools and other parts must be in good condition.

3) Check the type, size, layout and welding quality of the anchoring parts. The metal anchoring parts shall be compensated for expansion.

4) Check the surrounding firebrick lining and insulation layer to prevent water loss of pouring material.

5) Check the packing and delivery date of castable, and conduct pre-test to check whether it is invalid.

6) Check the construction water, the water quality must reach the quality of drinking water.

If the above items fail to pass the inspection, they shall be treated as qualified before construction.The expired materials shall not be used. refractories castables construction to ensure that there is no power cut, do not interrupt the construction.