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how to make castable refractory cement

November 13, 2020

castable refractory cement production, refractory cement castable cement dosage is generally 15%~20%, low cement castable cement dosage is about 5%, some even reduced to 1%~2%.The purpose of reducing cement content is to improve the fire resistance of castable.

Gongyi Hongda Furnace Charge Co., Ltd.

We can customize products with different physical and chemical indexes according to different needs.The production of castable refractory cement is mainly the reasonable choice of particle gradation, in combination with ultrafine powder and reasonable preparation of additives into castable refractory cement.The castable refractory cement mainly has the high aluminum refractory castable, the rigid jade refractory castable, the corundum mullite wear-resisting refractory castable series, but these products mainly have the characteristic is the strength is big, the anti-scouring ability is strong, the wear resistance, the use effect is also quite good, therefore very popular.

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