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function of boric acid in furnace lining

September 12, 2020

Boric acid will be used in the use of the furnace lining, today we will look at the amount of industrial boric acid on the impact of the amount of furnace lining.

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Boric acid can play a glazing role in the lining of inductor furnace, because it is the cementation agent used to connect the sand particles, and it is also the main factor influencing the formation of sintering layer semi-sintering. However, when the added dose is too much, the sintering layer of the furnace lining will be thickened, which will make the lining appear thinner. In this way, the furnace lining will crack due to cooling shrinkage and spread in the whole furnace wall.

Therefore, we need to control the amount of boric acid added to the furnace lining in order to ensure the better quality of the lining during production, so that the furnace lining has a more stable performance when used.