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how to improve induction furnace lining life

September 10, 2020

Effective measures to improve the service life of furnace lining:

1.Precautions for lining the furnace

The site should be kept clean when building the furnace. There should be no metal items or items that are easy to fall off on the builders to prevent metals from falling into the knotted lining and causing local lining overheating during production.

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2.Preventive measures for furnace lining sintering and melting

The damage to the furnace lining caused by thermal impact should be avoided when the furnace lining is melted. The cracks will be generated after the furnace lining is sintered and cooled uncontrollably. The cracks of the furnace lining should be healed through reasonable dissolution process before the furnace lining is used again.

3. Precautions should be taken during feeding and production

(1) Formulate reasonable feeding rules to prevent overheating caused by charging bridge:

(2) Try to avoid improving the power to solve the problem of freezing furnace.

(3) On the premise of meeting the requirements of deoxidation, reduce the addition of deoxidizer as much as possible.

(4) Regularly check the lining, find out the problems in advance and deal with them in advance to prevent.