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What is the refractoriness of low cement castables?

September 12, 2020

        Low cement castables exhibit relatively moderate refractoriness. Unfortunately refractoriness is a very complex classification to use when analyzing material to find which will best fit your application.

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       many of which are in reference to the materials ability to resist deformation and maintain structural integrity or load bearing abilities within sever thermally chaotic environment or when subjected to extremely high temperatures for extended period of times.

        However, a substances refractoriness is not just determined by peak temperature to which it can be exposed while sustaining it’s form. Maintaining structural integrity when subjected to rapid transitions from lowest (usually the temperature that the material will cool to and rest at when the device or system within which it is installed is inactive) temperature to highest temperature. The faster a transition the material can withstand while maintaining an unchanged form, structural integrity,   low cement castable etc the more refractory that material is.