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Electric furnace bottom ramming mass operation

September 12, 2020

        In order to ensure the reliability of the electric furnace bottom ramming mass material, the following provisions are made for the construction operation:

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1According to the size of furnace bottom, prepare enough ramming mass materials, wet materials are not allowed to use, do not mix with foreign matter;

25 layers of standard bricks shall be laid at the bottom of the furnace, and the ramming materials shall be directly laid on the laid layer. If the original layer is constructed, the original layer shall be cleaned to expose the bricks and remove the surface residue.

3The total thickness of knotting is 300mm, divided into two layers of knotting, each layer is about 150mm thick, with hammer or foot into the pot bottom shape;

4After the bottom ramming finished, the surface with a rake rake out a depth of about 20mm "X" word and "X" shaped ditch, and then into the ramming material compaction, so that the two layers can be better combined (should not pay attention to the edge of compaction);

5After the knot is knotted, insert it with a steel rod with a diameter of about 4mm under a pressure of 10Kg, and the depth shall not exceed 30mm square, which is qualified;

6After laying, cover the bottom of the furnace with a thin iron plate (or 2-3 layers of large blades);

7The electric furnace with well laid bottom material should be used as soon as possible and should not be placed for a long time.