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How much do you know about the life of the castable?

January 11, 2021

Castable price is cheap, the service life will be longer than firebrick, which is why the power plant boiler is used in large numbers.

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There are many advantages to casting the boiler lining with castable as a whole:

1. No new low-melting point phase is generated, the high-temperature performance is improved, and the service temperature is increased;

2. Because of the addition of ultrafine powder, the operation performance is improved, and the density and anti-erosion performance of the material are also improved;

3. Because the superfine powder added has greater surface activity, the sintering temperature is reduced, the bonding strength at low and medium temperature is improved, and the mechanical strength at high temperature is greatly improved;

4. The amorphous material depends on the temperature gradient of the lining. In the process of use, from the working lining to the back lining is sintered gradually, gradually forming a dense working layer, which is not easy to appear through cracks, so that the thermal shock stability of the material is highlighted;

5. The density of the unsintered layer is lower than that of the sintered layer, so the thermal conductivity is low and the heat loss is small.