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what is low cement castable

November 23, 2020

        What is a low cement castable?The low cement castable is made of refractory aggregate and powder by mixing binder and additive. The general binder used for the castable is aluminate cement with CaO content less than 2.5%.The amount of cement added can affect the overall performance of castable, high temperature strength, corrosion resistance and so on.

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Low cement castable can be made into high alumina low cement castable, corundum low cement castable, aluminum-magnesium spinel low cement castable and so on according to the selected refractory raw materials.According to the construction performance, it can be divided into self-flow type of low cement castable and vibration type of low cement castable.

Low cement castable is suitable for lining of heating furnace, various heat treatment furnace, electric furnace cover, shaft kiln, rotary kiln, blast furnace outlet, ladle, molten iron ladle and so on.