Mullite CastableMullite CastableMullite CastableMullite Castable
Mullite CastableMullite CastableMullite CastableMullite Castable

Mullite Castable

  • Product Description:

    Mullite castable is a refractory castable made from porous mullite aggregate, mixed with fine powder and additives.The critical particle size of mullite aggregate is 12mm;The long-term service temperature is 1350 degrees.Mullite castable is used at high temperature and can be used as working lining in direct contact with flame to save energy at high temperature.
  • Product Features:

    Mullite castable has high mechanical strength, good thermal shock resistance, abrasion resistance and other properties, with energy saving, good integrity, flexible adjustment of composition, high production efficiency, mullite castable is one of the amorphous refractory.
  • Application:

    Mullite castable is mainly used as the lining of boiler, blast furnace hot blast furnace, heating furnace, ceramic furnace and so on.

Physical and chemical indicators

Mullite castable
Item MJ-1 MJ-2
Max. temperature/℃ 1700 1650
Component Al2O3, % 60 63
SiO2, % 30 24
Fe2O3, % / 1.2
CaO, % 1.5 2.3
Bulk density g/m3 2.5 2.6


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