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The role of Non-stick aluminum castable in melting furnace

December 24, 2020

Refractory castable for aluminum melting furnace will produce liquid aluminum reaction, a lot of aluminum ash will be generated in the smelting process, and also affect the life of the lining.What is more serious is that the impurities generated will enter the aluminum liquid, contaminate the purity of aluminum water, and affect the performance of aluminum alloy.Non-stick aluminum castable can save aluminum ingots, can eliminate aluminum water into impurities, but also can clean the function of liquid aluminum, and the service life is very long.

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The use of general refractory castable, in the melting process, can not resist the penetration of aluminum water into the castable pores, castable will slowly peel off, direct damage to the lining of the use.Therefore, special non - aluminum castable should be used.

In the process of aluminum melting, it is most likely to have nodules, bulges, hanging slag, etc. If the nodules will become larger and larger, it will cause waste of liquid aluminum and mechanical damage.Non - contact with aluminum castable high density, can prevent multiple penetration of aluminum liquid.And non-contact aluminum castable has a strong wear resistance, can resist the production process of aluminum melting furnace wear and impact.

Because there are andalusite and ultrafine powder in non-touching aluminum castable raw materials, it will react with liquid aluminum to form a close accumulation, quickly fill the pores of the castable, can prevent multiple penetration of liquid aluminum.So it is a good choice to use non - aluminum castable as the lining of melting furnace.