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Mullite castable is better than ordinary castable

September 12, 2020

        Mullite castable is a mixture of refractory aggregate, binder and admixture, adding water (or liquid binder) mixed into the available pouring method of the construction of mud known as mullite refractory castable. This series of refractory castable has a certain setting and hardening time after construction, so the mold can only be removed after a certain period of curing, and then after a proper period of natural curing, it can be put into baking.

                                                                                   Gongyi Hongda Furnace Charge Co., Ltd.

This series of refractory castable is suitable for the working lining or heat insulation lining of many kinds of flame furnace and other industrial kilns, which can effectively realize high temperature and energy saving. It has high strength, small unit unit weight, mainly used in industrial kiln roof, wall, door and other parts, structural weight than ordinary low cement castable reduced by more than 30%, eliminate structural brick, collapse and other hidden dangers. Mullite castable mainly uses high quality porous mullite as aggregate, and then with a variety of micro powder, dispersant, low thermal conductivity, good insulation effect, compared with ordinary castable, can reduce furnace heat loss of 25%~35%, save fuel about 10%.