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Three causes of damage to lining materials

September 12, 2020

        without core medium frequency induction furnace, furnace when the need to provide high temperature resistant lining material.Suitable for intermittent operation of large medium frequency induction furnace.The main reasons for the damage of ore furnace lining materials are these several aspects!

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        1. Infiltration damage of molten iron

        The molten iron penetrates into the carbon brick along its pores, and the molten iron in the carbon brick reacts with the carbon brick to form brittle materials of FexC - class. After the formation of this kind of material, volume expansion occurs in the carbon brick's pores, which makes the carbon brick's pores embrittlement and rupture, and forms embrittlement layer on the hot surface of the carbon brick.

        2. Circulation of molten iron in the furnace

        The circulation of molten iron intensifies the erosion of the embrittlement layer on the surface of the carbon brick, and the erosion of the carbon brick on the sidewall of the hearth is intensified by the flow of slag and iron, thus reducing the lining materials life.

       3.alkali metal and zinc to carbon brick erosion

        Thermodynamic calculation shows that when the heat transfer performance of the carbon brick is poor, there is a large temperature difference between the hot side and the cold side, and the temperature difference and thermal stress inside the carbon brick is large, which induces the crack of the carbon brick, and the microcrack is the inducement of ring crack.