Coil GroutCoil GroutCoil GroutCoil Grout
Coil GroutCoil GroutCoil GroutCoil Grout

Coil Grout

  • Product Description:

    Inductor Coil grout is made of high alumina refractory materials and high temperature resistant adhesives. Used for coating the surface of coil in electric furnace to prevent the damaged by metal erosion.
  • Product Features:

    1.Resistant to 1800c degree. 2.Excellent insulation and fast harden. 3.Initial setting: 1.5h, Final set: 4h.
  • Application:

    Induction furnace coil coating.

Physical and chemical indicators

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Coil grout
Item CM-1 CM-2
Max. temperature/℃ 1760 1760
Color white red
Component Al2O3, % 85 91
SiO2,% 6 2
CaO,% 5 5
Bulk density g/m3 2.6 2.8
Application Used for induction furnace coil coating.


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